a Sustainable Quality of Life Group

Redefining Modern Lifestyles for health, performance and sustainability

In the heart of Northwest Arkansas, Devco stands as a beacon of change, not as a traditional real estate developer, but as a lifestyle developer on a mission. Our vision transcends conventional boundaries, focusing on transforming the built environment, nurturing a thriving social club, and fostering innovation in our tech studio, all aligned to enhance the lives of our like-minded members.

Our commitment is clear: we exist to empower individuals seeking the perfect balance between personal and professional achievements. At Devco, we believe that true well-being encompasses not just one's career but their entire lifestyle.

Picture this: You're on a vacation getaway with us, surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty. You're not just on a trip; you're part of a movement that redefines "lifestyle" in this modern era. We curate experiences that immerse you in nature, inspire personal growth, and ignite your passion for sustainability.

But Devco is more than just the adventures we offer. We're a community of individuals who share a common vision and mission. We're your support system, guiding you towards holistic health, peak performance, and sustainable living. We endorse trusted brands and products that align with our values, ensuring that every facet of your life reflects your commitment to this new modern era of living.

Our social club is where connections are forged, ideas are exchanged, and growth is celebrated. It's a place where you find like-minded souls who, like you, seek to redefine the boundaries of lifestyle. It's a sanctuary where personal and professional development go hand in hand.

In our tech studio, we incubate innovation. It's not just about technology; it's about using technology to enhance the human experience. We're pioneers, always at the forefront of what's next, ensuring that our members have access to the tools and knowledge they need to thrive in this rapidly evolving world.

Devco's journey is not just about today; it's about tomorrow. It's about creating a movement that elevates the concept of "lifestyle" to new heights. It's about building a community where health, performance, and sustainability are not just ideals but a way of life.

Join us in redefining what it means to live in this modern era, where your personal and professional achievements align seamlessly with your values and aspirations. This is the Devco lifestyle—a lifestyle designed for those who dare to live to a higher standard to create a better world.


Its a new modern era and change is needed.

We want to set the bar high, to demand more from ourselves and others while living with less stress, more influence and better impact. We believe that our lives should be able to improve drastically to not only look, feel and perform better but to live happier, more fulfilled and longer as well.


We need to be better in 3 areas both now and long term. We need to think long term in our decisions so that every choice is good for the planet, our people and profitable. It’s a balancing act to a point but we can do better. Maybe not to perfection but we can change direction and decide to grow, build and live better for the future. We can’t keep living the same way we have…it’s time to change. Its time for next level living!

A Focus on People

If we fixed everything in our personal lives, we would still be only as good as the people we surround ourselves with.

Everything we do in life involves interactions, relationships and influence. Our goal is to provide the right places to bring the right people together. We are not for everyone and we believe some people want a higher standard of living, better experiences and more quality people to spend it with. We agree and have chosen a private, members only and exclusive model. Our members are our government and even owners. We knew we couldn’t build the average company if we wanted the best lifestyle so we decided the members would help lead, manage and engage. Everything we do is not open or public but we will have opportunities for guests and some services and solutions for those not quite ready for the next level. All in all we want to help the good get better but with our Profit first, B-corp like structure you’ll be doing more than being awesomely responsible, you will help us donate 2% of all our profits to do more good. Help us be for change, for good for profit by inquiring about memberships. Here is the trick, you have to know how to get in. Good luck but if you really want in you’ll do the work and get connected 😉


Bold Guarantee

There is a better way to live and we need our dwellings to improve our lifestyle. This new era should demand a better standard if not across the board at least for our discerning members. A home should and can do more for us. From Quality air, to improved productivity to recharging better is possible. In fact our founder has proven it and we will even guarantee not only the with a better build but with monitors and metrics to ensure you know you’ll be your best each day.

Products Coming Soon
Lifestyle Brand and Social Club Launching early 2024.